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Started by AlesteDX, 21:50, 08 March 17

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Hi, I'm new here, from Spain...

My first contact with CPC was at 80's, in a friend's home. He owned a 6128 "classic". I owned a MSX but on that years our war was with Spectrum guys hahaha...

Now I have almost all models: 464, 664, 6128, 464+, 6128+ and GX4000 (sorry no 472). And I want to begin to use more seriously some of them....

So we'll be on contact here.



Dios los cría y ellos se juntan  :) ...

Wellcome and enjoy  ;)


Welcome to the forum!
Wow! quite the CPC collection there!

I like the CPC+MSX war thing! though as the Speccy,CPC and MSX are all Z80, you should have really all been allies against the real enemy: C64 users!
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Thanks for your replies. I think here on that time, C64 was just the ignored! Hehe...



Hola, otro español por aquí, saludos!

Hi , another spanish here, cheers!



A fully-loaded CPC enthusiast :D Welcome!

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