How long have you owned your CPC?

Started by nicf82, 13:10, 30 November 22

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How long have you owned your CPC?

> 35 years
20 (48.8%)
25 - 35 years
11 (26.8%)
15 - 25 years
3 (7.3%)
5 - 15 years
5 (12.2%)
< 5 years
2 (4.9%)

Total Members Voted: 41

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Quote from: ComSoft6128 on 13:59, 30 November 221987
That one lasted a year or 18 months before I smashed the keyboard up in a blind rage.
The replacement I still have.
Wow. That really must have been some tantrum. :o My younger brother was capable of some fierce keyboard-bashing tantrums when a game wasn't going well for him, but he never managed to destroy any CPC keyboards.


The image in my head when I read about people chucking their CPC in the bin.  ;)


It was those f**King edge connectors >:(

6128 with Rombox & VIDI fine.
6128 with Rombox, VIDI & another peripheral (Teletext adaptor or RS232) sometimes was OK, sometimes not.
Solution - swap peripherals when required.
But over time this led to another problem - wear & tear on the edge connector on the 6128, eventually I could only get one peripheral at a time to work.
That particular day even that was problematic - the display kept rolling.
So after an hour (longer?) of moving the female connector "a wee bit this way and a wee bit that way" the Red Mist came down and I removed the 6128 from the desk, placed it on a table and smashed it with my fists until it was junk.
Not a solution to the problem but I felt calm afterwards.
I did the same to my bicycle one time and went full "Basil Fawlty" on that.


I got my 6128 which is the oldest one in my collection in April 17.  Won it on eBay for 60 quid with a monitor and some games.  I remember collecting it and the husband didn't seem best pleased his wife had sold it.  I have since sold the monitor as it takes up too much space.  I also have a gx4000, 464 plus I've converted to 6128 plus and a 6128 plus.  Along with a pcw8512.  Tbh I haven't used them much recently due to other commitments.  Originally my dad bought a 464 in 1984 or maybe it was 1985 later the 6128 was purchased by him.  They were all sold in about 1991, my brother had moved on to a Amiga, my dad has bought a pc by then and I bought a PC 386. My mum gave away my gx4000 I bought new in 1990 about 2000, I'd left it in the loft after moving out and she gave it to a work colleague, I wasn't best pleased when I found out but my fault for leaving it there.


1992 to 1999, 2022-now

First view in 1988, when smuggled CPC 6128 with green monitor cost PLN 750,000 and not for purchase (my father was earning PLN 33,000 per month  at that time)
In 1992 we bought CPC for PLN 2 million (my father earned PLN 10 million at the time) (big inflation)
In 1999 I sold it for PLN 200 (after denomination PLN 10,000 to 1)
In 2022 i bought it for 1500 PLN.  ;D
CPC 6128, Whole 6128 and Only 6128, with ........
TYPICAL :) TV Funai 22FL532/10 with VGA-RGB-in.


32-33 years if memory serves my well.

My first computer was an Atari 800XL which I got when I was 9. Then at the school we had CPC6128s with color monitors, and as much as I love the Atari and I know understand it much better, the old Basic dialect was not as good as Locomotive's and it was very difficult to get software for it in Spain.

So, I asked my parents and got a CPC464 with green monitor, which made my happy for many years, and it still does.  8) Both of them, actually!


My 664 got into my home in 1985, and is mine since 1988 when my father got his 386.
Sadly the CTM644 and the tapes were thrown away while I was at the university. Anyway very grateful to have kept the 664 and a lot of 3" discs.
CPC 664

Empiezas a envejecer cuando dejas de aprender.
You start to get old when you stop learning.


Christmas 1986, the 464 arrived and I learned to code
I've been a programmer since 1993 that is my day job ever since

CPC 464 - 212387 K31-4Z

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