Ideas for new CPC games (Skilled homebrew developers out of ideas, look here!)

Started by cwpab, 21:32, 12 February 24

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Limbo, even if it is for plus, cart or mass storage  ;D

Anthony Flack

Without getting too ambitious, the CPC could use a proper port of Pengo. And Joust would be great for the Plus.

Up & Down would be another good arcade game to do with a vertical hardware scroll. It would also run very nicely on the Plus. And I wonder how closely you could port Moon Patrol? The scrolling may be a challenge. Moon Buggy on the CPC is HORRIBLE.


A few weeks ago I suggested a CPC version of some "Escape" Choose Your Own Adventure book. These books are more advanced than regular CYOA books as they have more puzzles, more drawings and cool maps, and they let you wander around.

Coincidentally, a few days ago some Spanish guy released a ZX Spectrum version of the regular CYOA book "The Cave of Time" (in Spanish):

The book (it has cool drawings, I wonder if they're from the same guy who did the Escape ones):

The game (only saw an image in the intro screen, I assume there aren't more sadly):

A C64 official version of the same book from 1985 with lots of big, colored images:

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