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CPC Mock Ups - Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja

Started by lmimmfn, 21:50, 19 November 23

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I couldn't find the right place to post this. Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja used to be my favorite arcade back in the day, just fantastic memories from reading the arcade review in CVG and playing it in arcades i have such great memories of it, i still play it regularly, i loved the gfx style(first 2 levels and the train one, the rest are quite meh) and the music is fantastic.

Anyway, i hated how simplistic the CPC version looked so always wanted to see what it could look like excluding memory limitations etc. so thought i would test it for fun, let me know what you think?
Note, this is not a game, i'm just playing around with it graphically.

Mode 0(note ive been playing around with transition from dark red to orange and green seems a good fit in certain places if used sparingly, thats the difference between window blinds in the left vs right):

Mode 1(Just playing about it with this and trying to avoid a speccy style):

Part of the original arcade images for comparison

6128 for the win!!!


On the above mode 0 version, I made sure there's enough colours for red ninja, blue ninja is covered, along with flaming ninja, and dogs, there's 2 palette entries free, 1 for bright red, use of the second might take away 3 pixels from the main character(darkest blue), doubt it would be noticeable.
6128 for the win!!!


The mode 0 looks great. Is there room to fit the hud?


Quote from: sigh on 17:46, 21 February 24The mode 0 looks great. Is there room to fit the hud?
Thanks, no, unfortunately the mode 0 image above is 160x200 so would lose 1 character at the top, or would have to use an overscan line, this is with 200 lines and simulated rupture

I changed the height of the characters to match the arcade but would be a lot of screen update

Limiting to 128 horizontally to match the arcade

Some of the sprite sheet

The original CPC screen shot in OP for some reason was cropped so adding correct one here
6128 for the win!!!

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