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Started by buzby, 19:10, 06 February 22

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Hi all

would just like to say after a good few years out of the community i have returned, i have never stopped reading posts in the background but i was unable to commit due to major issue with bankruptcy, relationship breakdown and my the death of my son. im now break and on top as of before.

If any members have items for sale as im wanting to purchase again due to selling my set up.

i am glad to be back to what i remember as a great community


Welcome back aboard!


Wow, man, that's a lot to go through.

Welcome back to this lovely community!


Welcome back... robcfg!  ;D :-\
"You make one mistake in your life and the internet will never let you live it down" (Keith Goodyer)


I'm always lurking in the shadows of the forum, you know...  ;D



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