HELP: A creator search his game!

Started by TotO, 00:03, 03 June 16

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Patrick Montier search to find FIRESCAPE, a game made by him in 80's when he was young (17 years old).
CPC Rulez • Consulter le sujet - Recherche jeu FIRESCAPE avec sa boite

If someone own this game in box, it will be great to provide it to him.  8) 
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AH! I loved this game! Thanks for reminding me about it! I used to play it as a kid (never went very far, though...). I especially like how the interface only requires 3 letters to form a word, it's pretty efficient. One drawback is the graphics, quite slow to draw.

Is there a walk-through somewhere?

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Slim chances, probably... this is the first time I hear of it :(

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