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Started by Zoe Robinson, 14:38, 26 February 18

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Zoe Robinson

Hi, everyone! The latest episode of CPCine is now available. It's another big one, too. :)


This month's contents list is:

01:53 News
10:29 New Releases
31:43 Charts
33:14 Review: World Series Baseball
35:42 Review: Pinball Wizard
38:33 Type-in Review: Galaxians
41:25 Type-in Review: Destroyer
43:35 Feature: The MERGE Command
48:54 New Game Review: Jarlac
51:07 Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy it! :D


Excellent as ever, you must put a lot of work into these videos.

The Jarlac review made me laugh - "because he's a prick" - good one :)



Zoe Robinson

Yes, each episode takes about two weeks to produce; with the first week just being research. They are a labour of love. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the Jarlac review. That line made me chuckle when I wrote it, too. :)


Hi Zoe,

I'm getting withdrawal symptoms up here  :( , any hint when the next one is out?

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