Author Topic: Malc Jennings making a come back?  (Read 4810 times)

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Re: Malc Jennings making a come back?
« Reply #26 on: 12:48, 03 December 20 »
The bottom line is: Websites are no good. Fragile, unstable, never know how long it'll be there.

What we need is diskmags! Everything should be on a physical media so it'll live forever!  :)

Except it doesn't, tapes degrade and discs rot.
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Re: Malc Jennings making a come back?
« Reply #27 on: 13:09, 03 December 20 »
Except it doesn't, tapes degrade and discs rot.

We use M-Disc then. They live forever! 1000 years!
Blu-ray rulez! \o/

I also like about blu-ray, that you can actually implement a webserver on the disc, theoretically making it possible to put website backups on a blu-ray disc and run it on any blu-ray disc player. Just pop the disc into your livingroom player, and access the website from your PC using the LAN IP of the blu-ray player.
I have already used this technique for a couple of videoalbums, making it possible to view the videos on a tablet or phone via LAN.