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Started by chri5, 12:48, 23 May 22

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Hi all
New member here but a long time CPC 464 owner. I recently found my CPC 464 at my mums house, it was wrapped up and had been stored in a cupboard for 30 years. It was bought new in 1985 when I was 9 years old and was retired when I got an Atari 1040 STE.

Unfortunately I remember throwing the green screen monitor in a skip in the late 90s. So I'm looking for an RGB to SCART lead and power supply. Ideally I'd like to connect the CPC to a VGA monitor, any recommendations for doing that?

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Hi and welcome!

something like this works fine with the CPC, if you have a monitor with scart input:

Connecting the CPC to a VGA monitor is probably more complicated.

Best regards,



Thanks, I will grab that SCART + PSU.

Would something like this box be able to convert the SCART signal from the 464 to VGA?
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Quote from: chri5 on 13:37, 23 May 22Thanks, I will grab that SCART + PSU.

Would something like this box be able to convert the SCART signal from the 464 to VGA?


Other options: 

- Scart to HDMI adapters (must support RGB - and no guarantee yours will work)
- RGBtoHDMI (available on
- GBS8200 with GBSControl mod (least expensive, but requires a bit of soldering and a 3d printed case)
- a LCD TV with Scart input - used 15" models are super cheap and (imho) fit the set-up very nicely from their size.

All solutions share the same problems: Some CRTC tricks will not word and you won't be able to play some games. E.g. I use the GBS8200 with the GBScontrol mod and Ghosts'n Goblins is unplayable there. On a LCD TV it works. Relentless is another example that only works on a real CRT monitor and doesn't properly work on any of these 4 options.

However this cases are very rare. A few games and some demos will not work (fully). Still 99% of the games will run. 


Thanks, that RGBtoHDMI looks interesting.
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OK I decided to order an RGBtoHDMI from sellmyretro. 

I've seen a few CPC464 Power Supplies on ebay, any recommendations? I was going to get the SCART cable + power supply mentioned above but won't be getting that now.
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