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Hi all,
I'm a new member of the forum, happy to meet you all!

I used to have a CPC464 in the eighties, lost in the many relocations of grown life (I'm now forty), but I still had many games on cassette.
Last week I bought at a good price a working CPC 464+ and I loaded some old tapes, and some Basic text-adventures I coded myself with the help of the Amstrad user guide. Well, going through the code was like meeting the 10 years old myself.

I understand that there is a lot to read and learn in the forum about what I can do with my brand new 464+.

As the first course of action I would like to buy a joystick, but the good old ones I used to destroy are now very rare or expensive.
I found these solutions on Ebay:
- an adapter
- a reissue

what do you advise to an old-noob?

Welcome to the forum!!
About the joystick, if you have an usb controller this is a very good solution: . Ask @Duke from this forum if there is availability.


--- Quote from: markgolden on 00:04, 29 September 21 ---what do you advise to an old-noob?
--- End quote ---

If you have a soldering iron, get a good gamepad or joystick of your choice and a Sega Megadrive controller expansion cable and build one your own.

I personally now prefer this arcade stick:

Good quality for the price, very simple to replace the NES cable with a 9pin cable and it works awesome with the Plus incl. the second joystick button that is used on many GX4000 games and all the recent conversions.


Welcome back to CPC and I really envy you for having a CPC464 plus  :D


welcome dear friend. If you want we have whatsapp group as CPC users. We have little chats every now and then. We are talking about Amstrad CPC. If you want to join the CPCUserClub Whatsapp group, send a short introductory message to +90 555 498 36 55. Then I'll add you to the group. take care of yourself. welcome to our CPC Society again...


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