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Started by evolutional, 16:27, 20 September 21

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Hey - I just want to say hello - I'm a new member but long time lurker of these forums and the resources the members of the community have created about the Amstrad CPC.

I've been learning how the CPC works with the intention to create games for the system (and to emulate it); the resources and info you folks have contributed to have been essential - so thank you!

I've got a broken CPC464 that I've been fixing up and have been on the hunt for a 6128; maybe one day!

Looking forward to being part of this community!


Welcome, and have fun! Looking forward to see what you create :)


Welcome, have fun here and feel free to share your creations with us  8)


Welcome to the forum! Good to hear you're having fun learning about the CPC!

What kind of game do you have in mind making, and what language do you plan to use? (Basic/C/ASM etc?)

Have fun!
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Nice to see you here :)
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Quote from: keith56 on 06:56, 21 September 21
What kind of game do you have in mind making, and what language do you plan to use? (Basic/C/ASM etc?)

One I started on the Spectrum, but I've decided to try it on the CPC instead. It's a small strategy game.

I'm planning on giving it a go in Z80 asm (as I know it fairly well), but I may use Z88dk as well. Not 100% sure yet; the Speccy version I started was in ASM :)

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