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New Plus demo released!

Started by redbox, 05:23, 26 January 10

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Yes, it's true, I have finished my first Amstrad Plus (sorry classic CPC users) demo and proudly present: Blob Demo!

I have tested it on WinAPE and a real 6128 Plus but please do let me know if you have any problems running it.

I'd be interested in what you think and hopefully you enjoy it...!


Nothing new but nice for a first release in Z80 so go on this way !


Simple but nice one with nice GFX and tune.A good start  ;D
(mummy i'm in !  ;) )
"NOP" is the perfect program : short , fast and (known) bug free

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Nice little screen (runs fine on my 6128Plus). Keep on coding! :)


well done... luv loading up new stuff on my CPC.


Cute little demo!

Completely Old School! I love it!

Nice use of the colors!




Very nice work. Clean, simple, yet nice looking and entertaining. I'm awaiting for a bigger (and of course better :) ) production !


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Niceeeeeeeeeee can't wait to fire it up this evening. Feel free to add it to the news section on the CPCWiki's front page!!

PS No matter, I added it myself :)


Thanks for all the feedback guys and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I've already started my next one...  :D

And thank you to the kind person who created the wiki entry for it:


That would be CPCLER. I updated the link on the front page. Would be nice to include the lovely screenshot, too, but I can't here at work...


I added the CPC Plus Demo sub-category.

Remember to use it too.


Well, still, no way to impose that to the world... :( It'd be nice if you had an extension that FORCED you to choose a category...


"NOP" is the perfect program : short , fast and (known) bug free

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Quote from: fano on 18:23, 27 January 10  ;D

That's very cool!  Except it was a software scroll in the end (the splitscreen was hard enough, even with Grim making it easier for me  ;) ).

Maybe a better classification would be 'Hardware sprites'...?!



Nice little thing, that's ok for a first production. Hope to see more things from you in the near future, it's always a pleasure to discover new programs on CPC (and CPC plus, of course :-) ).



Just watched it, at last.

More of an intro than a demo, but lovely! I like everything in it - the colors, the music, the picture... really cute, and it reminds me of 16-bit productions (intros, mostly).

And, hey, I got a greet! Thanks, mate...



Although a simple demo, i found it pleasant to watch!!! :)

Second production has to be better from the first, and so on :)

This is the spirit!!!

See you,

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