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Greetings from Greece!!!
I am an amstrad cpc 6128 user since christmas 1986!
I had a spectrum 48k since then and kept my cpc till 1991! I have so many nostalgic memories!!!
 Then i moved to the amiga  500 and later to the 1200! At 2008 a retro nostalgia was risen in me and brought back to life my 1200, my spectrum, i bought a spectrum+3 and  a c64. Finally i tried to do so with my beloved cpc but it was destroyed so i bought another 6128 from a friend here in Greece.  I was lucky enough to have almost all my old 3 inches diskettes working but also used a 3 1/2 drive for more games. I even used a converted pc psu and a scart cable to use it in a crt tv!!! I hope we will share many common memories here!!!

P.S  Although i love the Amiga as overall the best retro home machine, my favorite 8 bit computer was and still is Amstrad cpc!!!

Welcome and have fun here  8)

Hello, that's very similar to my journey. I ended up with an amiga and it's been my main obsession until finding my way back to the CPC.   Now I've got access to more information and am finally learning what it can do the Amstrad is pretty awesome and more intuitive (on the command line) than the amiga, I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am.



--- Quote from: spyros.s on 14:57, 04 April 21 --- I was lucky enough to have almost all my old 3 inches diskettes working

--- End quote ---
Super lucky!!! :D :D Welcome! Καλωστονε!


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