Nostalgia attack brought me back :)

Started by Juggler, 02:15, 21 August 21

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Hey folks!

after carrying all my CPC stuff from the 80s/90s with me along several movings, now it's time to take a real look at all the stuff again and remember the good old times  :-* Great to see that there still is a community of enthusiasts! Already saw a few freaks here I had contact back then. Will dig through lots of old letters on paper in the next weeks which I found in the boxes and maybe try to contact some for some rounds of nostalgia attacks!

Some may remember me as the editor of the Tribal Mag (1993-1997)  ;D

Atm I have a general issue with the 6128:



Amstrad news site at Genesis8 Amstrad Page


Welcome back, Jan! 😎

Finally another one here to keep up the Badische Fahne. ;-) Even you don't live there anymore...

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