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Shaun M. Neary

And of course, will need to take out a second mortgage on the house in order to buy one!  :laugh:
Currently playing on: 2xCPC464, 1xCPC6128, 1x464Plus, 1x6128Plus, 2xGX4000. M4 board, ZMem 1MB and still forever playing Bruce Lee.
No cheats, snapshots or emulation. I play my games as they're intended to be played. What about you?


And that's the problem, there is no relatively cheap CPC device for video output/video capture.


to capture video from an Amstrad CPC, with a normal OSSC, it is unnecessary the OSSC pro version hehe, I think.
your amstrad news source in spanish language : https://auamstrad.es


Of course the existing OSSC will allow for (most) video output and it is cheaper too but the Pro might improve some on some of the problems I have encountered.

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