Please buy this for me :D

Started by Gryzor, 15:35, 18 October 21

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I have already checked for France and it was not allowed.
I think the seller has autorised all the countries except all the autorised countries. :-\
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I'd be willing to help it do the round trip, if nobody else can help, provided someone can cover all the costs.

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If I were a sender for some critical item to save one of those politician's children's lives... I would just say, bad luck, you made that policy, i am not sending to you.  I hope they one day get what they deserve.  Sad for the child, but the parent politician would deserve it.


If they will send this from Greece to Australia and then back from Australia to Greece, maybe this is the first Amstrad Tape which orbits the whole Planet Earth within a few weeks  ;D (in less than 80 days?  :D )



Quote from: ComSoft6128 on 16:09, 18 October 21
Maybe I'm being cynical but what reason could he have for not selling in his home country?
@gryzor: maybe you should talk to him about ... Fakelaki  8)


Somehow I missed all the replies...

@zhulien : thanks, mate. I'll keep you in mind. Sending to Australia and then back is quite a trip so let's exhaust the alternatives! This one is 'special' in that it's got Greek instructions, the game itself is not exactly rare (and I have a copy signed by the programmer on my wall :) ).

@TotO : indeed, it's really weird how it changes countries when you... change country :D

@Prodatron : indeed, but let's not talk about the condition it'll arrive in :(

@SRS : but I did. Crazy stuff.

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