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Please buy this for me :D

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So, there's a GREEK seller based in GREECE selling items on eBay, but... not shipping to Greece.  :doh:

He's got a copy of Into Oblivion (my first ever computer game) which is nothing special normally, but this is the Greek edition. Not much changed, just the instructions. Still, I'll love to have it.

Is there anyone willing to buy it for me and ship it to me afterwards? I'll pay all the costs in advance, obviously...


I'd try for you but after that f**kup with sending a CPC to @Bryce for repair I'm avoiding European purchases. :(

Oh yes that's right, I guess it must be someone from mainland Europe; what malarkey!

PS 'malarkey' is a favourite word of mine since it's very similar to the greek 'malakia' which means pretty much the same thing :D

Maybe I'm being cynical but what reason could he have for not selling in his home country?

Absolutely no effin' idea :D They said they'd be able to ship to Greece beginning 1/1/22...


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