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Prices of CPC's just 7 years ago...

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I love it when LGR says you can get them for $35 to $100 depending on what they came with. It made me laugh  ;D , how things have changed! Look at ebay prices today, it's another world!

I recently bought some storage space to display my collection and arrange a little playroom. Maybe I can sell my CPCs to fund it :D

I have the impression that prices on dropped again slightly over the last months. If they reach top prices then they are usually collectors items, or in very good condition or with a lot of stuff.

But even with the prices that we have today, it's still a pretty cheap hobby compared to other "typical" hobbies. A middle class mobile phone is still much more expensive than a decent CPC setup.

That's a good point, but comparing the prices from 7 years ago, it looks like they have sky rocketed.

I am doing "Λούφα" today from work and looking at old prices for the CPC range. I also realized there is no exact translation from the Greek word Λούφα.


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