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Project CHR$(143) : a CPC tribute

Started by NJean, 21:40, 16 April 20

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Hi everyone!
With a remarkable irregularity, a new version of Projet CHR$(143) has just been released, still free of charge (except if you really insist...)
Version 1.14 enters the communication era by allowing you to compare your achievements with other players around the world and (...tada!...) to share with them - very - short messages (Internet bandwidth was not so abundant in the early 80's...)
Help each other! Break World Records! Join The Great 143!!


Oh yeah, let's get ridiculed online.


Among other things, latest (1.20) version unlocks the first 20 levels when you solve #3!  :D

One of the many suggestions from the exceptional Garzahd (currently struggling at #71...) that should make the game much more accessible... and allow you to reach the highest levels8)


Ah that's a godsend :) Thanks!


The pleasure is all mine!

I will thank Garzahd for you...  :)

Have a nice day.


Hi fellows!

Contributing more and more to make the CPC known to the world, CHR$(143) is now published on Steam, so much so that even PC Gamer now refers to the Amstrad 464!!
(of course, early supporters continue to have free access under itch...)



Ha, yesterday I read an article about hidden gems or something on Steam and it covered it, and I thought when did this happen? Congrats😊



I see that this little magazine is read by good people!  8)
Pride, of course...  ;D
It should widen the circle of players, I hope some will appreciate it (and if they read the credits, they might even connect to cpcwiki, Gryzor...)  :D


Hello to all!
It's been a while since I posted my only topic in this forum...
I'll never forget that it's the place where I met the first people who gave me nice feedbacks :)

A lot of time has passed, and, although it is a tribute to the CPC464 ;) , CHR$(143) is still a very modest little game lost in a sea of more spectacular productions, but let me share my amusement to have recently read an unexpected tweet...

The author is so controversial that it's hard to know what to make of it, but when it comes to video games, it's hard to pretend you don't care!  :laugh:


Hopefully the increased visibility gives the game some well-deserved attention.
I just purchased it due to the bump from notch.
Looking forward to playing it!

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