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Project CHR$(143) : a CPC tribute

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I managed to run it on MacOS by installing Godot and running it from the project folder like this:

--- Code: ---/Applications/
--- End code ---

After the hilarious intro, I'm stuck on the menu, as it does nothing when I press start game.


Ah, too bad, such a good try!  :'(
I am really sorry, unfortunately, it can't work that way...

Godot scripts are doing well (as you can see with introduction and menu) but the core of the game relies on an additionnal (C++ binary) library, which I have not compiled for MacOS, because I do not have MacOS...

That's really a pitty, because you seem pretty smart, you would probably be a very good player...  :doh:
PS. Godot Docs says it is possible to compile for macOS in a Linux environment using OSXCross. I could try but it does not sound simple...

It shouldn’t be too difficult as MacOS shares almost all programming tools with Linux.

Can you point me to any instructions on how to do it?

Also, I could open the project on the editor. Can I export or build it from there?


No, compiling the library requires a bunch of tools and source files...
Could you tell me what your MacOS version is ? And your microprocessor ?

That would be no problem either, I'm software developer for a life  :)

My machine is a 2.6 Ghz 6-Core core i7 MacBook Pro.


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