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New Member Hello!

Started by Mikamatic, 18:33, 03 January 24

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Hi Everyone, I just signed up! I'm Mikamatic and I live in the UK :) My first ever computer was an Amstrad CPC464 Plus which sadly is no longer with us, I currently have a few PPC640s, a CPC464 and soon I'll have a PCW 8512 too :D

Hopefully I can get the PCW back to a working state with the help of this forum :) Thank you! :D


Welcome mate! Nice to have you here! 


Good evening!
Welcome aboard.



Thanks everyone :) Sadly in the mean time, my PCW 8512 arrived and the courier has played football with it. Luckily it still seems to light up. Going to look into making an adapter that converts 3.5" floppy drives to Amstrad standard.

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