Some ill advice from AA?

Started by AMSDOS, 23:39, 21 November 15

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I stumbled across this forum with this post in it:

Quote from: Leon BrownI remember someone writing in to Amstrad Action asking if C was available for the CPC and they said that it was, but the execution wasn't much better than the CPC's Locomotive BAISIC.

I'm presuming if this did happen, the person was either writing to Reaction (AAs Letters) or Forum, it's not something I recall AA saying, though I only started collecting AA from Issue 43 onwards (occasionally missing an issue). Seems unlikely someone from Forum would say such a thing which leads me to believe the person writing to AA wrote to Reaction by mistake?

I was just wondering if anyone else recalls AA handing that advice?

I only ever recall AA saying BASIC was too slow to handle Sprites, though AA only ever covered Assembly when dealing with languages outside the scope of BASIC.

* Using the old Amstrad Languages :D   * with the Firmware :P
* I also like to problem solve code in BASIC :)   * And type-in Type-Ins! :D

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