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Starring the Amstrad CPC

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I was interested to see what movies the Amstrad CPC Starred in - and found this website:

"Starring The Computer"

(Commando Ninja - this girl has lots of cool things in her room, TMNT Van, cool posters and Amstrad CPC6128)

Any other appearances that you've seen not present on that website?  I am surprised there were no Grange Hill episodes with Amstrads in them (or was there?).

Glad to see Red Dwarf among the appearances, one of my favorites shows of that times. 8)

This looks like an interesting movie :D

Got a timestamp? Can't watch the entire movie to find out!

For sure: ThereĀ“s one as atrezzo in some episodes of The IT Crowd.
Not so sure: I think i saw one quite quick on screen on one episode of the second season of Danger 5. I should rewatch the series to make sure it was there.

Shaun M. Neary:
Albeit not a movie, but Eastenders definitely had one in Colin & Barry's place circa 86-87.


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