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The 'book of Arnold' Poll

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The AA thread is now 70 pages & it's been closed for posting.

As an aside, the folk at World of Spectrum are not very impressed with the guy, either (14 page thread(.

My two cents on this subject would be;-

Make the book the same dimensions as the Amstrad books published by Melbourne House back in the day, which was 14cm wide X 21cm high. It would be better to increase the number of pages (if necessary)  and make it a more readable size to hold.

Secondly, does it really need to be colour? Unless you can really justify the colour (e.g. 25% of the book has colour pictures), then stick with black and white.

As for the price, that really depends on the content. If the book isn't much better than a year of Amstrad Computer User magazines, then it is too much. You need to ask yourself what are you bringing to the market that is new and fresh, or much sort after by the people that collect CPC computers. If the book can be considered a definitive work on the subject of the Amstrad CPC computers (or near as damn) then £20-£25 for a black & white print copy is not too much to ask.

I shouldn't worry too much about a pdf or kindle version, unless either of the following criteria are met,
a) You've had at least a year of good sales, and considering a reprint, and an e-book version will help to pay for the reprint.
b) It's such a dismal flop in the first 3-6 months after release, that you want to try to get some money back on the print copies that have failed to sell.

As for me, I would buy it as long as it is professionally done. I suspect your biggest hurdle would be to let the many CPC collectors know that it is out. I would also suggest that once you have your printed book then you should also put one copy at a time on e-bay with a buy it now price, so that any collector that doesn't frequent the on-line forums will see it, and know that it is available. Selling on e-bay one at a time, could be a cheap form of advertising to collectors like myself who have "Amstrad book" as a saved search with email notifications every time somebody posts one for sale.


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