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The 'book of Arnold' Poll

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This is where I'll be updating you guys with the progress of the book thus far... currently it's around 30% complete, I have already completed the book cover, along with many articles including the CPC intro and history. Please pledge your support for the upcoming book, and remember all I wanna do is break even... not make a profit. I'm thinking of only making ten full colour books available.

I think the PDF is more likely to be around £3-5 - It all boils down to what amazon and Lulu charge.

FYI - The book will also cover Speccy, Atari XL, BBC and Commodore content... but is primarily written for users of the Amstrad CPC, with the other machines used for reference and comparisons. 

So Far:

Book cover - 100%
Intro - 100%
Begineers guide - 100%
Alan sugar
Amstrad CPC 464 history - 100%
Amstrad CPC 664 history - 40%
Amstrad CPC 6128 history - 90%
Public domain
Top 100 1984 - 30%
Top 100 1985 - 5%
Top 100 1986
Top 100 1987
Top 100 1988
Top 100 1989
Top 100 1990
Top 100 1991
Top 100 1992
Worst games on the CPC
Bloodiest games on the CPC 40%
The CPC can scroll - 90%
Speccy Ports

While I would get the Full Colour version, the PDF will be the most popular choice for many buyers.


--- Quote from: Nreive on 18:40, 18 January 10 ---While I would get the Full Colour version, the PDF will be the most popular choice for many buyers.

--- End quote ---

I would like to buy 2 copies of the full color version (One for myself and one for a friend of mine, very much into CPC).. But I think Nreive is right the PDF version would be a popular choice by many!!


For sure, and hopefully that's what will happen. Although owning the book in full colour will be very desirable, as only a few will ever own it.

Hm.... nothing beats the smell of paper in your hands (ok, so I can think of some alternatives, but let's just keep it on topic! :D ).

I'd say you could offer the pdf only some time after the print edition comes out...

How much would a smaller colour version cost?

PS I stickied the topic, let's also add it to the wiki's homepage. But you should change the topic's title if you'll be reporting on the progress here, since it'll not be a mere poll...


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