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[DataPro] Hello from France

Started by DataPro, 14:14, 16 April 24

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Hello everybody !

I am a CPC user.
I didn't have an Amstrad CPC in 80's but my friends had. I bought all my Amstrad CPC, CPC+ and GX4000 around 1998-2005.
I have several GX4000, 2 CPC 6128+, a CPC 6128 and 3 CPC 464 and of course 3 CTM 644, a GT65 and 2 CM14.
I also bought a USB Floppy emulator from Zaxon and I enjoy looking old good games and new homebrews ones.


Bienvenue sur le CPCWiki!

It's always nice to see new people here still enjoying the CPC and other retro computers  ;)

Enjoy your stay and don't hesitate to ask whatever you may need!


Hello Rob.
Thanks for your warm welcome.

I mostly split time for retrocomputing between Amstrad CPC and MSX2 computers. There's a lot of new games and demos on these two.
I also enjoy DOS gaming on real machine with my HP Vectra 500 Pentium 166Mhz from 1995. I upgraded it a little with 112Mb RAM, 32Gbx2+64Gb CF Card on IDE and SoundBlaster AWE64 connected to Roland MT-32, SC-88 and JV-1010 MIDI expander for the best sound experience.


Welcome to the CPC scene! :)

Quote from: DataPro on 13:13, 17 April 24I mostly split time for retrocomputing between Amstrad CPC and MSX2 computers.
Best choice! :D




Hi, where are you located in France?

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