Wave of new users - wave of new advertisements?

Started by GUNHED, 18:35, 20 October 21

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Lot's of new users (some obviously fake) showed up:


Also they bring advertisements, see BBC micro for example.
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Quote from: GUNHED on 18:35, 20 October 21see BBC micro for example.

The inserted link is related to BBC Micro software, so might even be in some kind of good faith. But I agree, it should be removed as it's obviously not a link to BBC Micro community site.

And done...



this user has a massive ad for mmo gold selling in their user page. might want to nuke that user or at least their userpage
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Thanks for the hint, has been cleaned up.



Sorry I'm late to reply here; wanted to say that I check new users on a daily basis. Most of the times I catch spammers before posting any crap, sometimes (especially during the weekend) some spam may get through, but it will get cleaned up a bit later. It's very rare that I will miss something altogether, since what I do is check the site's RSS for changes - so nothing gets past.

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