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Who is Roger Jowett

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--- Quote from: Gryzor on 19:06, 30 May 10 ---But what is he advertising after all?

--- End quote ---

He´s a vampire with a huge thirst for blood.
He wants to drink us!  :o
* based upon secret information

I think Leonie might possibly be legally insane...

She probably bought sme of Jowet's stuff, I take it :)

cpc+ software:
whoops big apologies to anyone who got the invites
3000 addresses in my contact list i enjoy watching the social networking sites crash im afraid they are so badly designed
screen resolution font size - if you dont detect these before you start dumping rubbish on the screen what was the point of designing your website?
if you are not using itu t v44 v92 standard like none of the uk isp
you are wasting our time
but hey why not write an email to someone and then have youtubes wonderful website tell you that you cannot send the email you have just written because teh person you are trying to contact has turned friend lock on? seems a tad daft for two 2ghz 64bit processors with larger l2 cache on them than a 4½mb sam koop system no
any how sam was 20 years old i am trying desperately to use a retro x pc avi video converter to get a video running on the sam but no program allows the video frames to be converted to simple screens in a usable hdf compact flash atom lite mass storage device easily accessible file
so looks like ive pissed everyong off-
never realised pressing the delete button was sucha  big deal...
very sorry
has anyone seen any cpc+gx4k software that actually uses the features of the +
is the robocop2 cartridge using hardware scrolling - why is the score board still obscuring ⅓ of the screen wasnt that a processor only cheat technique
crickey the thing has hardware scrolling and 16 hardware sprites they cant scroll the whole screen for pities sake?
also the z80 shouldnt need to do to much fot he music as there are three dmas handling the ay8912
pity they didnt just add a single dma like teh mb-02+ interface for the speccy surely this would have been able to perform scrolling and sprites and audio without being tied to one or the other?
cant see what the hardware additions would do for 3d vectors or freescape? any patches for original software being produced?

...and the fun continues :D


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