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Who is Roger Jowett

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Could it be it's precisely due to those issues though?

Sad story,
ages ago i had some nice chats with him.  He is an admirer of the Sam Coupé (he knows a lot about the machine) and he pointed me to several tools, but i decided to turn to the CPC  ;) (It was impossible to get hands on a real Sam Coupé :o )
Honestly, i don't think that he is bad guy.A friend of mine (for me a serious source)  put it this way: "Roger can go off down a rabbit hole and not realize he’s lost his audience. But he’s a real guy, and a nice one too."
Sure, i can understand everyone who is annoyed. Just wanted to throw in my experience.


That's the feeling I get too... A guy who does know stuff but goes off on weird tangents.


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