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Who is Roger Jowett

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Does anybody know who he is, why he's requested me as a friend on Facebook, LinkedIn and others, and then posts some half-relevant message to the Symbos group with 157 attachments?

I also got this mail.
Well, 157 nice screenshots. But wtf has this to do with Symbos?

(I missed some nude girls here  :police: )

Don't know, who he is...

And I had no f-book request :D (I am no VIP  :'( )

Hey guys, it seems that this Roger Jowett is some nice spammer.

Check this post by "Roger Jowett" in the MESS forum:

[font='trebuchet ms'][/size][/font]
--- Quote ---[font='trebuchet ms']hi mess?[/font][/size][/size][/font]
sam coupe support?
does it read actual compact flash cards from an atom lite and allow me to use the software thereon?
does it support zx spectrum 48/128 mb-02+ dma support?
is there an art package for the cpc+ - does the + make any difference to the art other than 4096 colours and would the incredibly small 16x16 sprites with their own 15 colours be usable? is there no interlace mode?
have tyou seen any russian spectrum clone with 14mhz processor running spectrum 128 or 48 software using te faster processor pelase?
can you replay rzx files in mess? can we accelerate the processor to speed up replay like in zx spin please?
can you choose processor speed for playback? could the processor speed emualte the functionality of the msx turbo r800 processor?
does mess support general sound neo for russian clones? - does any software use the z84 (they told me it was 24mhz - although zilog dont even make such a chip - nor is there any info on a dma at 24mhz either - what a shame zilog didnt make a z84 24mhz with dma and r800 core compatiblity!

if you ahve made mess to be compatible with so many machines and their individual video configurations how long before you can create a hardware version of mess compatible with most home computer systems? surely a vitrual video environment could emualte most home computer video chip modes adn you then only need the device to support the z80 or 6502 instruction sets as these were pretty much the only processors in most micros - with a faster version z84 24mhz or is there a 20mhz 6502? surely support for both is possible and accelerators could replay rzx style files faster then youtuibte can replay low quality uncompressed video files! - or crash when you try to install flash player into a 64bit browser or crash when you select one of the tv tuner video inputs as a webcam in the settings

below files are for fuse emulator video screen playback with ay 8912 hopefully soon to be converted to sam - but we could do with mode 4 16 colours and maybe interlaced if atom lite+ or velesoft datagear dma or mayhem quazar or vleesoft accelerators can handle it

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Edit Reason: Spam links deleted, enjoy the rest!
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: robcfg on 13:19, 28 May 10 ---Hey guys, it seems that this Roger Jowett is some nice spammer.
--- End quote ---

I've seen a few messages over quite some time related to Sam Coupe. He seems to go to quite some trouble to make his spam posts seem relevant.

Yeah... some time ago I got some emails from him with some relevant attachments as well. Well, I'm not sure about the name but it does sound like I never replied to him because his messages were so hard to decrypt. But what is he advertising after all? :D

Very, very targeted spam...


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