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Started by Bryce, 11:50, 16 August 21

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Just confirming that the price craziness is set to continue...


Shaun M. Neary

I'm glad I bought most of my childhood collection back when I did. I haven't made a purchase in a couple of years, and between Brexit shambles and the overall increase of postage costs, it's looking more unlikely I will be adding to it.

That's probably for the best otherwise I'll find myself running rapidly out of space!! :laugh:
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No cheats, snapshots or emulation. I play my games as they're intended to be played. What about you?


Yeah, glad I bought most of what I wanted back in a more reasonable time. A few got away, but I'm pretty happy with my collection.


I've been looking for an amiga 1200 for a while but they go for silly money!

£500+ is just not happening!! I need a time machine!

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