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Started by nivrig, 18:17, 04 July 09

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Xyphoes Fantasy has a digitised tune in it's intro and outro parts, made on an Atari ST tracker called TCB Tracker. Is anyone aware of any other CPC games that use this music format? Thanks  :)


I think Prehitoric II also uses the same technique for its intro music, and Megablasters. Don't know for sure though. I've never played Fluff, but try that one also.


Crazy Cars 2 (normal CPC version, not the GX4000 release)

I don't think its hard to do but doesn't sound very good at all, I'm sure I remember either an Amstrad Action covertape program or type-in where you could record the sound from the tape drive and store it as a file to call - I think I did an Iron Maiden song or Slayer's 'Angel Of Death' and it sounded bloody awful!

Prehistorik 2 I think is using the Plus's DMA chip and is sending digitised tracks through each of the channels like layers, which is a little different and soudns better to recording the whole track and playing at once.


Oh and Le Manoir de Mortevielle has digitised music :)


Well, it sounds 'awful' now, but back then it sounded bloody cool!

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