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Started by ComSoft6128, 15:16, 01 February 22

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I've had a look at CPCPOWER & CPCRulez for utilities to convert ST music files to the CPC but didn't find anything.
Does anyone know of any?



Thanks, I'll have a look at that :)

But what about the early nineties, was there anything then that ran (however slowly) on the CPC?


Yep, Fefesse and @Longshot converted some of the Madmax replay routines. Less generic, much slower, but more instructive!


Source for the music of Phoenix Part of The Demo (on Dams format on a DSK):


Quote from: Longshot on 20:10, 07 February 22
Source for the music of Phoenix Part of The Demo (on Dams format on a DSK):

Thanks for that.
But what I'm looking for is a utility that would convert these files - I'm starting to think that one doesn't exist and that programmers individually would write code specific for each project.


As far as i remember, every time I would convert 68000 code, the output was pretty much the same, but  there were sometimes big differences depending on the origin of the player.
Initially, there was little "generic" code capable of playing a typical format.
I think musicians had to program their music with homemade tools.
The first time I found one was in TEX's LCD demo.You can find the source of this player with its 8 associated music via the link (winape format)



I've also converted from 680x0 to z80 several Atari ST music player from various musicians artist ;-) !

But during time, even if it's the same artist coding... The code have evolued during time... so you can't do a 'generic' converter for all !

or you must rewrite some of the original datas of the music or do a 'generic' player yourself !

an example here :

Almost all Atari ST music from Mad Max with just one 'generic' player


Many thanks for all the info everyone!  :)

Unfortunately @megachur  there appears to be a loading problem (see video below) with the Mega-Mad-Mix Demo - I've tried it on a 6128 and 6128 Plus but no joy I'm afraid.



So side B needs to be used - why is that when there are 40+ music files on side A?

Now please take the following as positive criticism and not just a blast of hot air.
The tracks that I've managed to listen to so far sound excellent BUT.....with over a hundred tracks in total on both sides it is unrealistic to expect the user to press the space bar to progress in a linear fashion thru them. A track selector menu option would be highly desirable.


You have to see the MadMix_documentation.txt first !!! ;-)

insert side 1 then after run the menu, insert side 0 to load first track...
extract :

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
a) the different keys available are :
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

at the first menu
press key :

- cursor up :
go to previous entry

- cursor down :
go to next entry
if it's the last entry then go to first entry of the list

- space
load and play the music

when loading file on the disk
if the sentence "Please, insert disk in drive" appears
press "a" to set disk drive A
press "b" to set disk drive B
press escape to stop loading this file and go to first menu
press any key other key to restard loading

if you insert another disk, after 5 retries, it will load the directory
of the new disk.

during the playing of the music
press key :

- escape :
stop playing of the current music and go to first menu

- "p" :
activate display of PSG registers
disable the display of spectrum analyzer

- "s" :
activate the display of spectrum analyzer
disable display of PSG registers

- "space" :
load and play next music

- cursor left :
play the previous theme of the current music

- cursor right :
play the next theme of the current music

Nota : during music playing, if it's a music using digit sample, the playtime
and the spectrum analyser are disable.
The musics are crunched to take less space. The disk directory use some extend
to store all the filenames and block information.

the user interface is simple but was made in a hurry at this time (2007) !


I've used Parados on both sides of the disc and see no text file or even a "Readme.bas" file.
Also when the message "Please, insert disk number 0 in Drive A Head 0" is displayed the drive activates briefly and then continues to activate every ten seconds or so - presumably it is seeking a specific music file.
So if I were to time this "wrong" I run the risk of trying to remove the disc when the drive is in operation - not good, not good at all.


The text file was in the original .zip file but no on the dsk file because it's already full of data ;-) !?!
see it directly here if you want :
--> You really think a FDC seek or read operation will destroy your floppy drive ???  :o
so, you can do this : press escape to go to the list, insert side 0, then press espace !
--> This program was done on normal cpc hardware, not on a emulator !
--> good, very good ;-) !!


Face 1 of the disc has 53K free so a text file could have been easily included.

As for removing the disc during drive operation I have always understood this to be risky but will check further by posting in the Forum.

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