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Mode1 + split Manga Waïfu

Started by MacDeath, 18:56, 10 November 23

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Greetingz, I put this here...

This is a one-screener with tricks, a slightly more polished/finished version of the one released for the BND goding party.

Seems it sometimes doesn't work well with old emulators, or disfunctionning monitors.
Don't hesitate to post pictures of it running on your rig.

Tools and code for the splits and dsk by Demoniak.
thx to him.

Else I did it from something found at youtube, one of the many Lofi Waifu chill music channels, the original was most probably generated via AI or something like that.

Now I want to see this on a C64 or a speccy.

Traced and converted manually by me with Paint(dot)net.

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Very nice, Mac Death! :)

Looks even good with only 4 colours
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Looking great on my CTM644!  8)


yeah there is a basic 4 colours version too.

It is not meant to use a "monocolour" palette ramp such as Black-darkRed-Orange-PpastelYellow but it may be modified a bi to do so I guess.

The good point of using Black-PastelBlue - pastelRed- PastelYellow is that  when you mix/dither PastelBlue+ PastelYellow it produces some light Grey, almost pure white so actually adds an extra colour... the original 4 colour one looks like 5 colours on screen.

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Now, this is a really good picture. Nice mode 1 split.
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