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Brundij "No CPC" slideshow

Started by ComSoft6128, 11:30, 13 April 23

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121 screens from other platforms converted to the CPC but only available on cassette (.cdt) format.

:)  Any plans for .dsk versions?   :)



A .DSK would be great indeed! 

Why not using some of the 0,7 MB formats we have. Guess the Vortex format can be read by every DOS, that would be great!  :) :) :) --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Update: 2023.11.30) --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2021.12.26)


I use Romdos D20 format (792K) myself but for the CPC community standard 178K would be best.

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