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Started by ComSoft6128, 17:27, 15 April 22

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Soo, it's 2022 and that means the last Plus was built 32 :o years ago....

If a demo was created for use with a modern TV IE not limited to using the 1984/1990 CRTC types would this be "liberating" in what effects could be produced or would it be a definite hindrance/drawback?

What I'm asking boils down to this - the CRTC was designed with the original monitors in mind - fine then but now?


The CRTC is rather flexible - you can produce roughly any possible aspect ratio with it, so that should not be an issue, however, the whole machine is full of limits anyway ...

Different people, different opinions - here comes mine:

To me the whole fun to do retro-computing is the limitations of the original hardware.
To me these limits are the source of creativity. I enjoy the battle to squeeze out the last NOP out of a routine to make it as fast as I could.
How boring it would be if you could speed up your system just by replacing a component.

Just my two eurocents

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