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Does anyone recognise this music?

Started by ComSoft6128, 14:11, 25 July 22

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Ran across this 1993 demo today at CPCPOWER and liked the music.
CPCPOWER states "ST-Module" - I thought that meant STarKos but checking that shows STarKos was released a decade later - So "ST-Module" = Atari ST?
And if so does anyone know who the original author is?


Most likely a Atari ST transfer by Fefesse.

See interview with Hicks and Steph here:

Hicks - Red Light question. Can you explain us what happened with these Fefesse's ST musics diffusion around 1993? You spoke about this in a scroll, but I think it's not clear for everybody. Which impact these story had on the CPC scene in general?

Steph - To be honest, I still don't really understand myself what happened then. As far a I can understand now, a lot of people were in possession of these marvelous tunes. Some contacts did send me some of these tunes, but didn't explain me where they were coming from. On the opposite, they told me they were composed by Kangaroo, (which was plausible as he was - and still is - a very talented musician) and it was ok if I used them in one of Nephilim's prods. It was using a lot of CPU resources, so I simply used it for the introduction of Nephilim's Meeting - which was a crappy way to spoil such a nice soundtrack I have to admit. As a result, Longshot was very angry at me, which I can understand, Logon was probably planning to use these tracks in their future productions, and he decided to stop talking to me anymore - I still have his letter explaining the situation. The scroll you are mentioning (in 'CPC iz Dead' demo) is not to be taken too seriously: it's more like a childish reaction to all this, I was like a child whose toys were broken - and partially by his own fault!

Perhaps the funniest thing in that story is the fact that Longshot was probably the first person I sent the incrimated demo to! I wanted to show him how my skills were improving, thanks to his advices! I guess I was really naive at the time, and this is perhaps one of the greatest lessons I learned then: check the things twice instead of simply believing what people do say.

However, as we can see today, the CPC is still alive, but somehow the title 'CPC iz Dead' was partially correct: at the time most of the people were leaving the CPC scene, for many and various reasons. So actually I don't think all these events around these musics had a strong impact on the CPC scene in general. 

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