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Started by ComSoft6128, 19:41, 26 April 22

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Files created using The Advanced Music System require the program to play.
Well no - back in the mid nineties a WACCI member wrote an App to play
the files without using the main program.

Happy days!
But (always a but) that program is MIA.

So I'm looking for someone to create a AMS player for these files and I think a figure of £50 would be a suitable price to pay for something I would use frequently. Copyright would of course be with the author and will be acknowledged in any YT videos I publish, and just to be clear my channel is not monetised and never will be.

I'm looking for something relatively simple - VLC on the CPC would be great ??? but a simple text based interface should do the job fine.

Sample music files:





Do you use SymbOS Peter?

SymAmp for SymbOS works via plug-ins for different file formats, it would be cool if it could support AMS files as well.
An expanding array of hardware available at www.cpcstore.co.uk (and issue 4 of CPC Fanzine!)


No, I haven't yet had a look at SymboS.
I'm really looking for a m/c program that Runs from AMSDOS.

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