Started by ComSoft6128, 19:43, 05 March 22

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Normally these days I check/play music tracks thru the 6128 Plus at the front of my desk and if they are any good they are then played using the 6128 at the back of the desk and recorded with the OSSC/Hauppauge Rocket. This is because the Plus generates an annoying "buzz" which the 6128 does not.

So today I'm looking at an intro/demo from 1988 and immediately recognize it as 'Popcorn' an early synth track - Goody!

Now over to the 6128 to record it and it is markedly different - timings seem out and it is shorter by about a 1/3.

I've recorded it on the Plus and the 6128 and the vids are below.

Any idea(s) as to what is happening here?




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