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Sound output from the CPC and Atari ST query

Started by ComSoft6128, 14:42, 26 January 22

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So far I've recorded for my YT channel about 40 ST music tracks converted to the CPC.
When possible I''ve compared these with the originals at and I don't hear too much of a difference in most of them.
I know both machines had the same sound chip - is this why the CPC conversions sound so close to the originals?


The AY in the ST runs with 2Mhz, the CPC uses 1Mhz. So most of the ST tunes can be simply transposed if they do not use CPU or st-timers for special effects.

Between ST and CPC its very easy, cause the clock is 2:1. The other thing is the speccy: here the soundchip clocks with 1.7734 Mhz.
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The conversion is easy, but the 1 bit lost is perceptible for higher notes and the 'hard env buzzer' sounds.
For the latter, I did halve the even periods, but left the small odd ones as is: it's better to be one octave lower than off key!

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