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Started by ComSoft6128, 17:55, 04 April 22

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I just found that by chance some time ago. I've been in contact with Kuculkan and offered all what I have done, but seems the way I made the cdt's even if they work is bugged as he told me. Something to do with headers. The program I use (CDT Master) allows to use different filling bits for heading, CRC sublocks on header and CRC sublocks on data. I have no idea for what they are, I just change them because standard blocks sound different, for fun. According to him this is wrong and he didn't post the other 120+ cdt's I made with loading screens from games and compilations by theme and companies, because he'd have to fix them all. He fixed these 12 and uploaded them because they were a few.
I made a couple more cdt's of not cpc games since then that are not uploaded there. If you're interested let me know and I'll upload them here.
If you find the tape loading too tedious even with turbo loaders, Kuculkan made a slideshow of the content of the 12 cdt's he uploaded :)

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