3'' floppy drive motor rpm adjustment program

Started by DoctorCPC, 13:23, 22 November 21

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I'm going to adjust the engine RPM speed of my amstrad CPC 6128 computer. I changed tires and cleaned the head. but I need to set RPM. can you post the program that shows the speed on drive A in real time? If you send the DSK image of this program, I can immediately pull it to the floppy disk and run it. i didnt find this programme. maybe it's the ROM file. because i'm looking for this program because it doesn't read floppy drive. I want to use it for this. In this case, the floppy drive may not be able to read the RPM program either. Do you need a ROM file?

The guy in the video is using this program.

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It's a bit of a chicken and egg problem. If the drive can read the DSKTest program then it doesn't need to be adjusted. So you either need the ROM version on a ROM Board or you need a second working drive with the DSKTest DSK on it.

You can find the RPM DSK version here: https://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/hardware-related/is-there-a-rom-that-can-be-used-to-test-disk-drives/

The DSK version of DSKTest here: https://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/applications/dsktest-v0-1b/

The ROM Version of DSKTest: https://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/applications/dsktest-v0-1b/msg98206/#msg98206


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