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464 Resurrection - with only mainboard!

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so ive had a bit of a look around the CRTC with a continuity tester....

seems i killed some vias ripping the old chip out and puttin the new socket in... now i gotta rip the socket out (and possably destroy more vias) and wire the bastard up! thinking i might make a "floating" chip! (wires outta the board to the socket) coz fixing it with the socket in place is gonna be a PITA!

i wonder if it would be cheaper (labour wise), easier, and nicer in the long run, if i was to redesign the board to make it smaller.....
should i just stop now and send this to someone i know can fix it!? would make a nice vid for a youtube channel!:P

(llopis im looking at you!)

YAY! i finally got some output!

i pushed down hard on the CRTC... and it booted!.. i guess i need to touch up the solder joints!

but that said... it look like there is ram issues...
i get either a gray screen with blue border, or corrupt colored pixels on screen...

im correct thinking this is the ram right?

Yup, RAM problem.


thanks Bryce..

...more waiting for parts...


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