Author Topic: CPC 464 & 6128 Keycaps 3D Model  (Read 531 times)

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CPC 464 & 6128 Keycaps 3D Model
« on: 07:34, 08 June 21 »
There is 3d model for normal keys of old logo cpc 464 computer. but there is no model of special keys such as space, del, tab. How can I find the 3D model of these special keys? below is the old logo cpc 464 normal key model. A friend of ours did. And I need a 3d model for the cpc 6128 normal keys of the english keyboard. Where can I find a 3d model of these keys?
this keycap compatible with old logo cpc 464 ( i think and i expect. cause this keycaps are printed for me by 3d printer shop.
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Re: CPC 464 & 6128 Keycaps 3D Model
« Reply #1 on: 15:40, 08 June 21 »
How can I find the 3D model of these special keys?

I would expect that if there would be a model, you could find it. So it is pretty likely that no model exists.

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