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6128 plus problems (keyboard and floppy drive)

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Hi Bryce,

* On J2, I've got 5V between pin 4 and pin 3/2.
* On Q3, I've got 3,3V today between the 5V track (red probe) and the other (black probe), and -3,3V between the other track (red probe) and the 5V track (black probe).

[Edit] Quick update ! I've "shorted" Q3 (with a small wire) to do a test and the drive is working (I've successfully launched Robocop ^^)! Is Q3 a fuse or something like that ?
I 'll prefer to replace the component instead of leaving the wire (if I can find something which can replace Q3).

Hi all,

Back from holidays :) Any advices about the Q3 component ?

We never quite worked out what Q3 is, but it's assumed that it's some sort of fuse. I just short it out as you did when I find one that has failed.


Thxs Bryce ! So my 6128+ is fixed, I'll just need to add an external hxc/gotek :)


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