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6128plus Troubleshooting

Started by ShadowTD, 15:08, 21 September 22

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Well, the belt was listen as being for 3" 6128 drives:

That to one side, I still need a new motor as this one is now dead as a doornail


It is the price for 5 belts and you only got one. :-\
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Right, update time!

I got in touch with DataServe Retro (super bloke) and got the drive off to him.  He checked the usual stuff (and confirmed my originally purchased belt was wrong) but couldn't get the drive running.  With my approval, he shipped it off to Mutant Caterpillar who diagnosed that the struggling motor had blown an onboard fuse.  With that all fixed, the drive has been reinstalled and is working perfectly!  Thanks for everyone's help and advice.

As an interesting footnote, I'd bought a job lot of 3" disks a while ago.  Most of them work (including a CPM 2.2 disk) but the remaining ones are all 6128 or 6128+ CPM+ system disks that while they CAT will not boot CPM.  I get the error "this program will not run in this environment" which I've never seen before.  Any thoughts?

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