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Amstrad 6128 plus CPC 6128 plus does not start

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I just remember that - *IF* it is needed by anyone:

A long long time ago, I've once made a PC program as a replacement for a dictaphon player. That does just that: Accept a wave file, and when you press some buttons at the printer port or the joystic port, start and stop playing (or even rewinding etc.). That would make an exact replacement for a remote controlled tape drive, at least as far as playing is concerned. It does not record (yet).

Kind regards, fluffduff


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Still if I should not find the parts, I might ask you again. - The other thing is, just like the disks, the tapes in question are all at home (And there should even be a tape recorder with a remote in, that hasn't been used for tens of years...). - It comes to my mind that connecting the relay to some parallel or joystick input pin on a peecee and the cpc tape to the peecee sound jack would make a nice replacement tape on hard disk. Probably somebody has already done that...

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Or you could just buy a car cassette adaptor, mod it slightly and run the cable through the case and out the back. Works a treat on my 464. Cost me all of a couple of quid and 20 minutes of my time.

Hi Chinnyhill10...

Thanks for this suggestion. I don't exactly know what you mean with car cassette adaptor? The one that looks like a cassette and goes into the auto radio? Well, I need to be able to read normal tapes with the setup, because I want to use the machine to transfer my own old "works" :-) to a PC. But if a 3.5" jack is on the machine, such an adaptor can be plugged in.

Anyway, I think there should be the possibility to turn an audio file on the PC into a virtual cassette recording for a CPC emulator... But I find it more consistent to use the real thing. Even now I haven't had the time to show it to the little boy around here who usually tries out all things with keyboards on them. Will see...

After all - I'm quite happy that I have it now. Also have given it a new drive belt, and put it all back together for now, so it has got a bit more compact again. I'll tell you when I do additional stuff with it, just don't know when I'll be able to.

Once again, thanks for all your replies - it's nice to see you care - and kind regards to you all!


First tape socket kit assembled for seanb. If anyone else needs one I have 3 relays left.


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