Amstrad CPC 6128 - unknown failure - SOLVED -

Started by willow3411, 21:53, 18 March 22

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Good morning all !
little problem with my CPC 6128.
It was working fine and all of a sudden I got a gray screen with a black border.
I restarted and since display problem. even in games. (pictures )
in your opinion ROM or RAM or CRTC?
thank you in advance


i tested 40010 and z80 . I think the RAM.

sorry for my english :)


I think it's more related to the CRTC


yes looks like the CRTC timing does not work anymore and it is not displaying the right amount of characters per line. It might be the registers of the CRTC broken (so that you cannot programm it correctly anymore). 

That is what I can think of looking at the pictures. Esp good to see on the start screen ... 

I cannot think of RAM issue here, as this would result in a vertical stripe or something alike on the screen ... (and most likely it will crash directly at startup because the jump tables will not work correctly anymore). 

So either GateArray not outputting the correct timing (but that would be more weird than just a shifted character line) or the CRTC
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It could also be a failed 74LS153, but I would try swapping the CRTC first.



hello again everyone!
I am still waiting for my parts. I hope for soon. I'll be back very soon


Hello everyone !
OK, here I am back.
it was the CRTC that was down. change and test ok!
Thank you all for the leads provided.
See you soon

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