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An Ebay bargain ...

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Nice surprise when you buy a 464 from fleebay advertised as "yeah, working except for the tape drive, might need a new belt" and you switch it on and get a black screen ... and have to botch 4 wires from the RGB port ... but this did it! :-) Machine sprang to live. Yeah!

I know, the botch job is miserable, but the joints were really bad and I just wanted to see if it works. Will try to make it better.

Minor issues left:
- one of the case screw holes broke off (but it's there, have to glue it back)- pause button does not snap in (a white wedge like thingy fell out of the case)- dirt, blue buttons discolored (but I knew that)
- would not accept a Dandanator

Sound chip and internal speaker work. :-)
- thomas

Every CPC is worth saving🙂

I will do what I can. But I already consider it "saved", more or less! :-)  Now, lets make it beautiful again.

- thomas

You've by-passed the RGB capacitors. Were they damaged or are the PCB tracks damaged? You should try to keep the capacitors in the circuit. It will give you a better picture.



thank you for your message; your eyes are much better trained than mine, but the three botches go to C133-C135, which are (imho) directy connected to the resistors R126, R128, R120. (?)  The resistors are good, only the pads on the RGB out are bad. So it would not make a difference, I thought?

Picture is crystal clear (which always makes me smile when I switch from the C64 to an Amstrad ...:-), but the colors are still a bit off (what is supposed to be yellow is green at the moment ...).

But this was just a really quick fix to prove my assumptions, still have to improve! :-)

- thomas


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