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I have a dual OS cart from @tjohnson - it contains Amsdos and Parados.
To move between them there is a selector switch which I normally use after switching off the Plus.
It would be far more convenient if I could switch between Amsdos and Parados when the Plus is still powered on.
I haven't tried this yet and would like to know if this is a REALLY BAD idea ::)



Someone will most likely correct me if i'm wrong, but I think it would be a bad idea.
Main thing being that the roms will be initilised on boot and from what I understand (most likely wrong) the addresses of items in the ROM are stored so that the computer knows where to access.
If you switch the ROM whilst it's still on, those locations wont match.
Might also be an issue with shorting things as everything is live.

It probably wouldn't damage the CPC, but it definitely wouldn't work either. As geebus said, there is already one system running on the computer and that would just crash. It would be the same as swapping the harddrives on a PC from Windows to Linux while it's running and expecting the system to just magically swap OS.



Give it a try, probably just the DOS ROM 7 is switched. So as long as you don't switch while using a drive it should be perfectly fine.
I got similar switches at one of my CPCs, no problem. :-)

Since ParaDOS is compatible to AMSDOS it probably doesn't even need a reset. However, just to be on the save side press Control+Shift+ESC one after every switch. :)


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